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Property Representation and Management for New and Existing Cell Towers

cell-tower-site-representation-imgGlenMartin as a Partner

GlenMartin serves both private and commercial property owners, representing them before the major commercial carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile). This effort progressed naturally out of our site development and tower construction both in the U.S. and internationally. Regardless of the availability of a property for development, often times a working relationship with the carrier is required in order generate interest. GlenMartin provides that connection. Further, we recognize that many property owners do not possess the technical knowledge necessary to properly evaluate a proposed deal. GlenMartin partners with the property owner in order to help the owner and the carriers reach a successful agreement.

Property Owner Retains Control

At GlenMartin, we harness our expertise as a developer in telecommunication infrastructure and our relationships with the carriers to facilitate a proposed agreement. Unlike other similarly situated groups, GlenMartin leaves much of the control with the property owner and educates the owner in and throughout the process. We serve the property owner, and as a result, our goal is for the property owner to be completely satisfied with the ultimate outcome.

No Initial Fees

We are outcome driven, which means we do not require an initial retainer or down payment. If we can’t bring a suitable deal to the table, we don’t get paid. This instills confidence in the property owner that GlenMartin will work hard to produce results quickly. Although the process can take significant time to develop, we will do our very best to expedite that process wherever possible.

One Stop Shop

As a turn-key developer, GlenMartin is an ideal partner for property owners because we manage the entire life cycle of the deal. From generating carrier interest and negotiation to design, fabrication, and installation, we are there. This allows the property owner to continue with GlenMartin regardless of the stage in the process. Otherwise, the property owner is forced to either engage and manage various groups or turn over everything to the carrier.

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